Lunch Selection

Boss Banquet min. 2 people $60 pp
  • Gavrous
  • Tsindos Feta Saganaki
  • Mixed Olives
  • Anginares à la Polita
  • Calamari Krasato
  • Grilled octopus
  • Greek Salad
  • Pork Skewers
  • Soutzoukakia
  • Sausages Spetsofai
  • Mushrooms and Peppers
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Home-made Loukoumades


Appetisers Board — 25
for 2 people To start… Mix dips, White Anchovies, mix olives and fetta cheese, served with Pita bread

Traditional home made dips — 8
Melinzanosalata ⓥ (Eggplant based. House speciality!)
Tzatziki ⓥ (Yogurt / Garlic / Cucumber)
Tarama (Caviar)

Mix Dips — 14

Pita Bread ⓥ — 2.5
(Traditional greek flat bread)

Crusty bread ⓥ  — Small 5 — Large 8
Served with EVO Oil and Olive Tapenade

Mixed Olives ⓥ (Kalamata, Volos, Cypriot) — 12

Greek Fetta Cheese ⓥ
Your choice of feta drizzled with EVO + vinegrette
– Chelmos (Goat) Region Achnea Peloponnese — 11
– Chelmos Barrel aged 6mnths. (Sheep + Goat) Region Achnea Peloponnese — 12

Gavrous Marinated — 10
Marinated white anchovies in a vinaigrette – great with Ouzo

Anginares à la Polita ⓥ — 15
Cold boiled medley of artichokes, potatoes, dill, carrots and lemon juice.

Meze — Small Sharing Plates

Tsindos Fetta Saganaki — 22
Fetta, Tomato, Olives, Onion and Jalapenos served in a Saganaki Pan. Served with Pita bread.

Saganaki ⓥ — 16
Pan fried Greek Kefalograviera cheese

Halloumi and Lounza — 18
Pan fried Cypriot halloumi cheese with smoked pork

Zucchini keftedes ⓥ — 16
Zucchini, Fetta and fresh herbs rolled into spheres, coated in bread crumbs and fried. 6pcs

BBQ Corn and Fetta ⓥ — 8
Bbq corn with fetta and a splash of Jalapeno sauce.

Dolmades Avgolemono ⓥ — 14
Vine leaves stuffed with rise and herbs, drowned in Avgolemono sauce. 6pcs.

Koupes — 14
Traditional fried Bulgur Wheat Pockets stuffed with pork or mushrooms. 2pcs. Choice of
– Pork
– Mushrooms ⓥ

Calamari Krasato — 18
Slow cooked calamari in a red wine sauce.

Grilled Octopus — 20
Grilled octopus tentacles drizzled with EVO and lemon

Santorini Sardines —20
Fried Sardines with a refreshing Santorini sauce. Every part is eatable.

Seafood Saganaki — 24
Mixed seafood cooked in a Napoli and fetta sauce, served in a Saganaki Pan with rice.

Meze Bekri — 24
Diced Lamb fillet, capsicum, onion and chilli flakes cooked in a red wine sauce. Spicy

Sausage Spetsofai —16
Sausages, capsicum and onion, cooked in a tomato based sauce.

Sheftalies — 22
Traditional grilled Cypriot sausages. 4pcs.

Soutzoukakia — 16
Beef meatballs cooked in a tomato sauce. 4pcs


Fish Soup — 14
Delicious fish and veggies soup

Lentil Soup ⓥ — 12

Traditional Homestyle Cooking

Moussaka — 28
Layers of eggplant, beef mince and potato, topped with a bechamel sauce, served with Greek Salad

Cabbage Rolls ⓥ — 28
Cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and vegetables, cooked in an Avgolemono sauce. Served with Tourlou

Lamb Casserole with beans — 30
Delicious slow cooked lamb, beans and potatoes in a tomato sauce with spices.

Combination — 32
A combination of Moussaka, Cabbage Rolls and Souzukakia, served with Rice, baked potatoes and Tourlou.


Horiatiki Greek Salad ⓥ — 16
Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onion, Fetta, Capsicum + Olives with EVO Oil + Vinegar dressing topped with Greek Oregano

Beetroot Salad ⓥ — 18
Beetroot, Fetta, Onion, Walnuts, Spinach dressed with EVO Oil and Vinegar

Gyro Salad — 24
Greek Salad + Gyro


Side Salad ⓥ — 8
Salad mix, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives and fetta.

Baked Lemon Potatoes ⓥ — 8
Baked to perfection.

Cypriot Potatoes ⓥ — 10
Baby Kipfler Potatoes smashed, boiled, fried and coated in EVO Oil and Coriander Seeds

Tourlou ⓥ — 10
Oven baked medley of vegetables.

Grilled mushrooms and peppers ⓥ — 14
Sweet bull horn peppers and portobello mushrooms

Rathikia (Greek Chicory) ⓥ — 14
Boiled greens with EVO and lemon juice

Rice ⓥ — 5

Chips ⓥ — 10
topped with oregano.

Kreatika — Meats

Quails — 38
Marinated in Metaxa brandy overnight, seasoned and grilled. Served with grilled Mushrooms and peppers and baked potatoes.

Lamb Cutlets — 40
Tender marinated Lamb Cutlets char-grilled with baked potatoes, grilled Mushrooms and peppers and Tzatziki. 4pcs.

Gyro (mixed meat only) — 33
Mouthwatering marinated Chicken and Lamb shaved off the rotisserie. Served with baked potatoes, grilled Mushrooms and peppers and Tzatziki.

Souvlaki Kalamaki
Souvlaki meat skewers served with Tzatziki, rice, baked potatoes, grilled Mushrooms and peppers. Choice of:

Pork — 34

Chicken — 32

Lamb Fillet — 36

Psarika — from the Ocean

Blue Eye Avgolemono — 38
Pan-fried Blue Eye fillet with Avgolemono braised greens.

King Prawns — 40
Grilled king prawns drizzled with garlic, served with Skordalia, Rice, Chips and Tourlou.

Calamari — 35
served with Skordalia, Chips and Salad

– Fried (Lightly floured and fried)


– Grilled and drizzled with olive oil and lemon

Meat Platter

Amazing mix of Gyro, Pork Skewer, Souzukakia, Lamb Cutlet and Greek Sausages. Served with Baked potatoes, grilled mushrooms and peppers!

  • for 1 – 36
  • for 2 – 70
  • for 3 – 105
  • for 4 – 140

Seafood Platter

From our Ocean, mix of Sardines, grilled Prawn, fried Calamari and grilled white fish fillet. Served with Skordalia, Chips and Salad

  • for 1 – 38
  • for 2 – 74
  • for 3 – 110
  • for 4 – 148

Tsindos Special — 42

Amazing mix of Chicken Skewer, Pork Skewer, Lamb Skewer and two Prawns. Served with Tzatziki, Rice, Baked potatoes, Tourlou!

Steeped in history and lapped by the Mediterranean sea, Greece is home to some of the finest ingredients in the world. Sample them in a traditional Greek dish along with a glass of ouzo.

Glika — Desserts

Halva with Honey — 14
Traditional Greek sweet made from tahini (pulped sesame seeds) with Chocolate and drizzled with Honey. Perfect with coffee or tea.

Home-made Baklava — 12
Rolled Pastry with walnuts in rich syrup. Topped with honey and served with ice-cream. 4pcs

Home-made Loukoumades — Small – 12, Large – 20
Greek Honey balls warmed and dusted with cinnamon. icing sugar and walnuts. Served with ice-cream

Yaourti — 14
Delicious Greek yogurt drizzled with Honey and sprinked with crushed walnuts.

Dessert Plate — Small – 15, Large – 28
Mix dessert



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